Building Physics

Building Physics Engineering evaluates the most efficient, achievable solution required for many contemporary construction projects with low U-Values. Implementing building physics engineering, helps develop high performance buildings that minimise the environmental impact during construction and operation, reduce running costs, resulting in better productivity, functionality and comfort.

Building Physics
Trisco 3D Thermal Analysis

Our small, but qualified Chartered Engineering team provides a specialist service to achieve ultimate efficiency in accordance with building regulations and specified requirements.

Thermal Analysis including;

  • U-values Analysis
  • Condensation Risk Analysis
  • Area Weighted U-Value Calculations
  • Psi-Values
  • Chi -Values
  • Facade Thermal Calculations
  • Daylight Analysis
  • Acoustic Analysis

In House Software includes

  • BuildDesk U 1D CRA Analysis
  • Flixo – 2D analysis
  • Trisco – 3D Analysis
  • WUFI Analysis

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