Cladding Consultancy & Refurbishment

Cladding Consultancy

We have gained extensive experience in cladding of all types including rainscreen cladding, composite cladding and bespoke cladding. We’ve also got experience in many different materials used in the cladding of buildings including glass, stone, aluminium, steel, stainless steel, ceramics, timber, and many more. We are proud of what we’ve done in the design, investigation and testing of new and bespoke cladding systems over the years.

Glass Facade Consultancy

As a practice, Patrick Ryan Associates is familiar with all aspects of the design, survey and investigation of glass in buildings. We have particular expertise in the structural engineering of glass elements of all kinds including glass walls, overhead glazing, balustrades, staircases, glass floors, etc. We have also investigated many glass problems including spontaneous fracture caused by nickel sulphide inclusions, cracking to glass panels, double glazed unit problems and glass coatings. 

Patrick was one of the authors of the publication “Steel Supported Glazing Systems” for the Steel Construction Institute and more recently he sat on the committee which produced the Institution of Structural Engineers publication “Structural Use of Glass in Buildings” issued in 2014. This document is the “Bible” for the structural design of glass in the UK. 

Rain Screen Cladding Consultancy

In a rainscreen, the cladding which forms the front face of the facade may have open or partially sealed joints with an air space behind. The purpose of this is to form a drained and ventilated space to deal with any water that may get past the cladding. Behind this space is the insulation and then a final air and water barrier in the form of a damp proof membrane over the structural wall. It is good at keeping water out of buildings provided interfaces are properly designed and constructed.This form of cladding construction is now used widely across the UK and we have all the specialist expertise required to carry out the design and detailing for rainscreen cladding schemes, including structural engineering design.

Patrick Ryan Associates has also been involved in the design of new rainscreen cladding systems and bespoke systems on projects.

Stone Cladding Consultancy

Stone has been used as cladding material now for over a century, with technical development taking place all the time. We keep ourselves up to date with the latest products and support systems as we use this material all the time in our facade designs. We can produce structural engineering calculations for stone cladding projects with brackets, fixings and support systems usually made in stainless steel.

Our extensive knowledge of this material also serves us well on the survey and refurbishment projects in which we are often engaged, typically with regards to stone condition and the cleaning method which can be used on the various types of stone we encounter.

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