Delamination of glass

Delamination of Laminated Glass

Laminated glass consists of two leaves of glass bonded together by an interlayer. The most common type of interlayer is polyvinyl butyral known generally as “PVB”. 

Replacement of Combustable cladding

Building façades containing combustible materials are still an ongoing issue in the UK and should be dealt with as soon as possible. It concerns the lives of thousands of families around the country.

Thermal Bridging in Rainscreen Cladding

A simple rainscreen cladding support system typically consists of ‘helping hand’ brackets. These are the backbone of any rainscreen cladding system and are fixed to the substrate at set vertical and horizontal separations.

Thermal Analysis on Facades

To achieve good sustainability in our buildings we need to consider heating, ventilation, solar gain, building use, choice of materials...