Facade Survey & Investigation

Facade Survey

We all understand that safety of cladding is of utmost importance, because of the consequences of failure. But it takes trained and dedicated façade engineering expertise to detect the problems that lead to failure.

We offer façade survey and investigation of façade problems using our expert façade consultant covering residential, office and buildings of all types, high-rise and low rise.

We can also investigate curtain wall, glazing systems, rainscreen cladding and other forms of façade reporting to our clients on:

  • Survey of Condition - highlighting areas of deterioration and risk and including recommended remedial works.
  • Water ingress - often combined with water testing, we will find the cause of water ingress and recommend appropriate remedial works.
  • Structural problems such as loose cladding, missing fixing, corrosion, damage caused by weathering, damage due to high winds and dangerous cladding which has already fallen from a building. Again, recommendations on appropriate remedial measures will be made.
  • Cavity barriers and other fire prevention measures in accordance with Building Regulations Approved Document B.

Our reports are comprehensive, often containing a schedule of defects, and allow our clients to reliably plan and cost remedial works, significantly reducing their risk of exposure to project uncertainty.

Following on from survey and recommendations, we will produce a specification, layout and detail drawings so that the repairs can be tended to a contractor.

Often, we carry out technical assessment of the tenders and then monitor the contractor during the construction repair works.

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