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Fire Safety

Removal and Replacement of Flammable Cladding.

The Government-led Building Safety Programme, will fund and oversee the removal and replacement of ANY flammable material, not exclusively ACM (Aluminium Composite Material), on all residential buildings over 18m high. Including:

- ACM Cladding
- Timber
- HPL (High-pressure laminate)
- Other cladding materials that fall below the required flammable classification

The government announced in the Budget on 11 March 2020 that we will provide £1 billion in 2020 to 2021 to fund the removal and replacement of unsafe non-ACM cladding systems. This funding is in addition to the £600 million which government has already made available to ensure the remediation of the highest risk ACM cladding.

More information can be found here ACM Cladding removal & Non-ACM cladding removal

The MHCLG states that building owners of high-rise buildings over 18m are required to ensure that all unsafe cladding systems are removed and replaced to ensure the safety of residents and the general public. There is currently discussion as to whether the height range shall be reduced from 18m to 11m tall.

Patrick Ryan Associates have a team of highly experienced façade consultants building physics practitioners and structural engineers. We can help you investigate compliance of cladding and rainscreens, including ACM on buildings with floors above 18m from ground level.

This includes:

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“Following the Grenfell Tragedy, one of the government’s most important objectives is to ensure residents feel safe and secure in their homes.”

Rishi Sunak