Patrick Ryan Associates



Patrick Ryan Associates has been involved in the refurbishment of many facades and overhead glazing installations across the UK.  We have gained very valuable specialist knowledge regarding methods for cleaning and restoration of facades, repairs to sealants, gaskets coatings and glass, testing and structural repair methods.  This is enhanced by our knowledge of durability of the materials which make up a facade, gained from our everyday experience in the facade surveys and investigations which we carry out for clients on a very regular basis.

Our normal service would include design and specification of the repairs and production of any necessary structural calculations, drawings and details. The choice of a suitable specialist façade contractor is an important one and we have extensive first-hand experience of contractors currently in the refurbishment and recladding marketplace


Sometimes, although a facade can be repaired, it is better in the long term to replace the façade altogether.  We advise clients on this often difficult decision, with all its many aspects to consider, including remaining lifespan, future maintenance needs and cost of replacement.  Having now been involved in quite a number of façade replacement projects, we have a great deal of experience behind us.

Patrick Ryan Associates can carry out all the necessary design work, including structural design, consideration of thermal and acoustic performance, specification and production of drawings and details.