About Patrick Ryan Associates

We are a facade engineering consultancy established in 1998 with the aim of providing a high-quality service in:

Our Approach


We employ professionally qualified engineers, consultants and technicians.

Client Centred

We endeavour to understand our clients business and how our work will impact on their success.


We bring a wealth of experience to any commission undertaken.

High Quality

We strive to provide a high quality service, consistent with our clients needs.

"Patrick Ryan Associates have provided a solid engineering solution, that has omitted our risk, but provided a workable efficient solution. Complicated Structural Engineering can be difficult to explain to the client, but Patrick Ryan Associates gave advice in a clear, helpful and concise fashion. It’s why we choose to work with you time and again. Patrick Ryan Associates offers a personable service. You’re not working with a machine, but a team. This prevents things getting lost in the process."

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