Government launches biggest cladding removal scheme.


In July 2023, the Government announced the opening of the Cladding Safety Scheme, giving thousands more mid-rise buildings, which are 11-18 meters high, access to Government funding to remediate unsafe cladding.

This means all buildings in the UK that are above 11 metres high, now have a pathway to repair or replace this cladding through the £5.1 billion allocated by government, to fix the most dangerous buildings and through revenue from the Building Safety Levy on new development.

Eligible developers have been given 60 days to respond to the invitation to join the Responsible Actors Scheme committing to making buildings safe.

Here at PRA, we have a team of experienced designers, façade engineers and building physics practitioners with a great deal of expertise in the design of recladding schemes for high-rise apartment buildings. We have developed considerable expertise in the investigation of existing buildings to determine the materials used and the construction, together with compliance to Building Regulations and a knowledge of cladding products.

We are now using this expertise in the recladding of mid-rise buildings over 11 metres, which qualify for remediation funding under the new Cladding Safety Scheme.

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