Preventative maintenance is essential to façade longevity


January and February are traditionally the worst times of the year in the UK for inclement weather conditions. It is often too late in some cases, for buildings to be remediated before the rain, wind and frequent changes in conditions have taken their toll.

Preventative maintenance is essential in ensuring the condition of the façade remains in a fit, operable state. It is also essential if a building is under consideration for a change in ownership, as this may have an impact on the value of the property too.

Often overlooked, faults and defects can have costly consequences. Regular cleaning, maintenance and repair of the building’s envelope is essential, not only to extending the serviceable performance, but also in minimising larger costs and potential safety issues in the future.

We offer a full suite of façade survey and investigation services, covering all types of buildings including both high and low rise residential, office and commercial buildings.

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