Thermal Bridging in Rainscreen Cladding

A layer of insulation is then fixed to the substrate, and where the brackets are placed they penetrate directly through the insulation, forming what it is called a “Point Thermal Bridge”. Aluminium ‘L’ and ‘T’ profiles are inserted into the brackets, lined, levelled and fixed. A ventilated layer behind the external façade material ensures the risk of condensation is minimised as well as dissipating solar gain in the building.

One of our recent projects included five mixed-use medium rise buildings. Commercial units occupy the lower levels, together with amenity space including outdoor landscaped podium areas and some residential units. The upper levels are residential use. The development consists of 467 residential units (planning use class C3); including a proportion of discount market rent units and circa 2000m2 of flexible commercial/community space (use classes A1/A3) in new buildings ranging from 2 to 17 storey’s in height.

Rainscreen cladding

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